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Throughout the Leelah! series, we use a diverse set of characters to tell the story of a transgender teen and their high school friends growing up in the South.

Welcome to the small fictional Southern town of Pinewood in tip of Pinedale County located in the northeastern part of Alabama.
Town of Pinewood in Pinedale County, Alabama (FICTIONAL!)

Pinewood was a strange choice for town name, because there's actually nothing but oak trees that grow there! The one pine tree in the town grows in the courtyard of Pinewood High School (PHS) and it is the prized possession of Coach Crampus who cares for it daily.

Fun Fact: To create our fictional Pinedale County we annexed parts of four Alabama counties: Lawrence, Morgan, Winston, and Cullman
Actual map of Alabama counties

Insert Concept Art of Pinewood High School when approved: Pinewood High School (PHS)